Our company, CHHC, LLC is a focused Holistic Health company that incorporates nutrition, addiction counseling and professional chef services in residential housing for individuals suffering from substance abuse.  We provide education and empowerment through nutrition and self-care as it relates to recovery from the initial stages at rehabilitation centers through maintaining an ongoing healthy lifestyle in continued life.

CHHC works directly in the residential housing model with early, moderate and late phase recovering individuals using this holistic health approach to compliment professional treatment.

For example; most often weight gain goes hand in hand with early recovery as well as eating disorders plus many other issues that include sugar, caffeine and smoking along with many lifestyle health related maladies. We provide a Certified Holistic Health, Wellness and Cooking Coach to on-site residential housing for meal preparation and coaching services that will interact directly with on-site professionals. Clients are encouraged to assist in the cooking process, which promotes dialogue, collaboration and positive interaction. Educating the client on self-care, healthy habits and nutrition is our main priority. We work to expose the recovering individual to a positive interaction with self while utilizing nutritional counseling with emphasis on the individual’s specific issue. 

CHHC’s ultimate goal is to bring awareness to health and nutrition and how it can assist in the recovery process.  All meals are made with organic fruits and vegetables, meats and poultry are grass fed and organic.  Dairy is organic and cheese is mostly raw milk cheese with the exception of soft cheeses. All meals are low carb paleo style with an emphasis on grain and sugar free. This type of eating helps correct sugar and carbohydrate addiction, & detoxification. We are able to specialize in vegetarian or other specific diets on request.

CHHC assists with multiple ongoing issues throughout the recovery and life process to include;

  •  Using nutrition as an additional recovery tool
  •  Help control weight gain and weight loss
  •  Assist managing eating disorders
  •  Assist in body detoxification for drug, food and environment based toxins
  • Consultation on health goals, food shopping, cooking instruction, fitness and overall well being
  • Assistance with lifestyle diseases such as; diabetes, heart disease and stroke, etc. 

All food prepared is brought to the site fresh with the cooking coach and prepared on site.  Staff is ServSafe Certified and CHHC, LLC carries a 2M professional liability.


  • Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
  • Member of the AADP
  • Degree Addictions Counseling

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Nancy Tilelli

Certified holistic health coach offering professional meal prep solutions to the local community and business organizations in New Orleans, Mandeville, Covington, Bay St. Louis and surrounding areas.

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