Cherry Hill Health Coach offers commercial food preparation services for your business, including instruction and substance abuse nutrition counseling.
CHHC, LLC offers a unique service for residential substance abuse treatment clients, Fitness Centers & other local business.
Our on-site chef service includes nutrition instruction and counseling.  We also offer clients one to one personal coaching to address eating disorder, addiction, nutrition/weight issues and goals. Our chefs hold degrees in substance abuse counseling as well as nutrition certification/coaching credentials.


~ Paleo Style Grass Fed Meatloaf ~

Wrapped In Bacon With a Sweet Potato Mash.


~ Sweet Potato Beef Lasagna ~

Sweet Potato Grass Fed Beef Lasagna.


~ Buffalo Chicken Legs ~

With Roasted Brussel Sprouts.


~ Wild Caught Herbed Grilled Salmon ~

With Lemon & Almond Green Bean saute .

This is how our process works here at CHHC, LLC (Cherry Hill Health Coach). Feel free to call with any questions
Just choose your meal style preferences, give us a call and let’s get cooking!

Seasonal recipes, fresh & nutritionally prepared
Savory, tasty, balanced meals delivered right to you
Menus that fit your lifestyle, including: primal, paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free
And did we mention a coach to help you prepare future meals?

We work synergistically as a team to bring you the most efficient and nutritional meal solutions.

Laura Hayes
Assistant Chef
Certified in Addictions Counseling

Lives with passion. A chef, nutritionist and addictions specialist, Laura takes years of personal experience and struggle with an eating disorder as her drive to help others. Believing in the importance of holistic wellness and the importance of self care she strives to help others from the inside out. Her dream of helping others shines through her culinary skills, with “love” being the secret ingredient in every delicious meal she makes. This secret ingredient also shines through her smile, reaching everyone she meets.

D. Leonard Rodriguez
Assistant Chef 

David brings more than gourmet cooking abilities. He is also a plant biologist.  He is an expert in plant based foods, the soil they are grown in and the science behind it.

Nancy Tilelli
Owner | Master Chef
Nancy holds a degree in Addictions Counseling, she’s Certified in Holistic Health,  and also holds a Certification as a Recovery Coach. 

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Nancy Tilelli

Certified holistic health coach offering professional meal prep solutions to the local community and business organizations in New Orleans, Mandeville, Covington, Bay St. Louis and surrounding areas.

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