About Me

Nancy Tilelli | Cherry Hill Health Coach

18 years ago when my son was three years old, he was diagnosed with autism.  I scoured the Internet, purchased every book, and visited doctor after doctor.  After attending an autism conference, I learned about a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome and decided to put my son on a gluten-free, casein free and preservative free diet.  Within three weeks, my son who had regressed from verbal to nonverbal, started to speak again. As a matter fact he recited his ABCs and that’s when I learned that food is medicine.

Years later, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. That was the moment I decided to study nutrition. I remember asking my doctor how can I help you help me? His answer was simply, take your medication.  

I learned the same lessons that I had learned 15 years earlier about the healing power of food. I put myself on a gluten-free diet and started to juice every day.  Within months I was off my medicine for Crohn’s and feeling great.  I ended up losing over 20 pounds with my new lifestyle change.

I received my holistic nutrition training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition along with a degree in Addictions Counseling from Camden County College and Recovery Coach Certification from The Connecticut Community Addiction Recovery Coach Academy.

I am also a volunteer at The City of Angels Organization, working with people struggling with addiction.

It is my mission and my passion to empower others to use nutrition to heal the body, maintain proper body weight and feel good inside your skin!

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